(Part 2 of the 4 part Honor series)

Action, Mystery, and Intrigue for Young Tested Heroes

Hands of Honor Tests the Lengths of True Friendship and Brotherhood

Friendship is a quality which is always spoken of and highly acclaimed, yet is rarely ever properly expressed or truly put to the test. In Hands of Honor, the interlinking friendships of four men are put to the ultimate test in Terron Sims’ second installment of his Honor series.

When newly commissioned US Army lieutenants Milton “Major” Johnson and Ben Irons take off for a fun filled and well deserved New Years vacation in Beirut with their friend Marcos Bakoos, the youngest son of the Lebanese president, before the fun can even begin, their flight is hijacked by what appears to be Islamic terrorists. The result- Marcos is kidnapped and held for ransom.

The surprisingly heinous act requires Major and Ben to reach out to Doug “Big Mac” Pollard, a mercenary whom they had encountered during last year’s West Point incident (see With Honor In Hand for details). The bond that Mac has with Major motivates him to put his life on hold and lead Major and Ben in pulling off their daring rescue attempt. Breaking with protocol and violating direct orders from their superiors, Major and Ben risk their lives for that of Marcos’, understanding that true friendship supersedes rules and regulations.

Through the course of the daring tale, it is revealed that their actions are intermingled within a dangerous web with ancient ties- that the incident surrounding their actions, though important, is but a role within a grander plan- the outcome over which they have no control.